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Today's Dietitian

Cannabis Use for Treating Disease

The compounds in cannabis and CBD have been shown to reduce symptoms in various disease states.

By Janice Newell Bissex, MS, RDN

Today's Dietitian

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use

Here's what dietitians need to know plus tips for counseling clients about this fast-growing yet controversial trend.

By Liz Marr, MS, RDN, FAND

Today's Geriatric Medicine

Medical Cannabis — Continuing Controversy

Studies show both long-term and short-term benefits and harms associated with cannabis use, all of which need to be considered in assessing its potential medical value.

By Mark D. Coggins, PharmD, BCGP, FASCP

Social Work Today

Cannabis Conundrums — Dissecting Policy Changes

Experts analyze the new world of weed and implications for SUD assessment and treatment, criminal justice reform, and future research challenges.

By Kerianne Johnstin Guth, MSW

Social Work Today

Teens and Cannabis Use

The messages surrounding marijuana use are, to say the least, a mixed bag. There are those who support legalization and those who vehemently oppose the idea. There are those who tout cannabis' medical benefits and those who declare it a gateway drug, leading to the use of "harder" substances.

By Sue Coyle, MSW

Social Work Today

Cannabis: It Matters How Young You Start

Canadian researchers find that boys who start smoking pot before 15 are much more likely to have a drug problem at 28 than those who start at 15 or after.