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Summer 2022 Edition
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Editor's E-Note

Jordan Tishler, MD, a Harvard-trained physician who left conventional medicine for a career in cannabis medicine, was the American for Safe Access 2021 Medical Professional of the Year. In this E-News Exclusive, contributor Michele Deppe talks to Tishler about his career choice and his advice for others aspiring to work in cannabis medicine.

— Kate Jackson, editor
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E-News Exclusive
Meet Jordan Tishler

The physician and business consultant wants to help companies make better cannabis meds.

By Michele Deppe

Harvard-trained physician Jordan Tishler, MD, left conventional medicine to pursue a career as a cannabis specialist/business executive, advocate, and educator. In this interview, Tishler talks about how he has carved out a career in the cannabis industry and shares his advice for other medical professionals who would like to do the same.

Q: How were you introduced to medical cannabis?

A: Actually, it was because of my job as an emergency department (ED) physician that I became interested in cannabis medicine. I spent countless hours taking care of veterans whose lives were substantially harmed or even destroyed by substances. My realization that I had never seen anyone in the ED because of cannabis toxicity led me to think that I should look into the value of cannabis as a medicine.

Q: It seems that few clinicians have had instruction in this area, and some experts indicate that we need a lot more research to move forward with medical cannabis.

A: Many of us were not taught about the endocannabinoid system or cannabis. However, there are many medications we use that we did not get taught about in school and that we learned about later as they were invented. Medicine is a lifelong learning pursuit.

While it’s been fashionable amongst certain political circles to say that there is not enough research on cannabis, nothing could be further from the truth. There’s an extensive 70+ year history of research into cannabis and THC. It is a difficult literature to comprehend because it is, in fact, so voluminous. I spent several years combing through this literature before I became convinced that cannabis could be used as a medicine if it were appropriately applied to the right patients and the right illnesses.

Other Cannabis News
A New Marketing Platform
The metaverse, a virtual reality social platform, is becoming increasingly important to cannabis companies. It can’t sell cannabis, but that’s not far off. In the meantime, according to The Wall Street Journal, it offers bold new marketing opportunities.

Cannabis: A Promising Approach to Cancer Pain
A recent Israeli study published in Frontiers in Pain Research found that cannabis may provide significant relief to cancer patients, combatting pain without the risk of addiction and serious negative effects that come with opioids. With cannabis, Newsweek reports, patients have only mild to moderate side effects.

Despite Obstacles, Cannabis Research Is Increasing
Even though research is limited due to cannabis being a Schedule 1 substance, it has in fact surged in the last 20 years, according to a study tracking the number of publications on the topic of cannabis, published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

Use of Medical Cannabis Growing
Between 2016 and 2020, enrollment in medical cannabis programs increased by more than four times. STAT reports on a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showing that while enrollment grew in states where only medical cannabis is legal, it declined in states that allow recreational use.
Products and Services
Autumn Brands Delivers
A cannabis cultivator known for a modern, artisanal approach to sustainable cultivation can now be delivered straight to doors of consumers in more than a dozen California counties. AutumnBrands.com is an on-demand and prescheduled cannabis delivery service where consumers can shop directly on the website choosing from the complete list of products and setting a delivery time.

AmourCBD Cream
The first FDA-registered CBD cream, AmourCBD cream for advanced pain relief is a THC-free product made from the best quality and medical-grade ingredients.
Current Issue
Cannabis and Asthma: Risks and Benefits
While smoking cannabis may do more harm than good, other administration methods may help some patients breathe more easily.

The Gut-Endocannabinoid Axis
The integrated functioning of the gut microbiota and the endocannabinoid system may have far-reaching implications.

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